Any time, any place…6/9/19

Yesterday, I reminisced with a friend about our young lives in NYC, our friends – so many gone, loves lost, the bar scene and of course dancing in The Stonewall. We have different recollections of “that” night. He reminded me that my sisters’ friend whose Dad was NYPD overheard him saying that a big raid on “a” gay bar was planned for Saturday night. Raids back then were not uncommon and in back of our minds we always knew…. anytime, anyplace anything could happen.

The prediction was true and that night anytime, anyplace took on new meaning this time at The Stonewall. And for the last 50 years and into the future my LGBTQ brothers and sisters would stand up for “all “ human rights – anytime, anyplace!

If being 70 means I can look back, remember what was, what is and what still can be, then I’m thankful and so appreciative to everyone who has walked this journey always hopeful even beyond the tears, beyond the harsh rhetoric, the hate and the fear.

As I look back, I also look forward. I may be married now, but my husband and I are still keenly aware that anytime and anyplace anything can happen. So a little advice to those whose turn it is to be young from an elder or if you wish an old queen (I don’t believe I just said that) – you can’t continue to change the future without remembering and honoring the past. Gods speed on your journey and I hope when your 70 you can be proud of what you’ve accomplished, proud of your history, proud of that fact that you never forgot anytime, anyplace anything can happen. Maybe by the time you’re 70 it won’t matter.

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