Hi God. How are ya today?
“Just fine, thanks. I’ve been at my beach house relaxing and catching up on my reading.

What are you reading by the way ?
“I just started rereading War & Peace for the umpteenth time. It reminds me of just how silly…never mind. I’m also catching up on the new issue of Vanity Fair. Check out the Marilyn Monroe article. Nice girl, if only she asked for help. And naturally my new issue of Eternity Today is late as usual.”  

“You seem a little preoccupied – what’s up?”
I’ve been thinking about what you said yesterday about not spending so much time planning what I’m going to say.
“Remind me again of what I said?”
That I shouldn’t spend so much time worrying about it. When the times comes, you’ll be with me and I’ll now what to say.

“You get an A for paying attention. Or you’ll know what not to say. Knowing what not to say or saying nothing at all can be the most powerful thing you’ll ever say.”


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