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Spiritual Direction is a process of awakening. A process of discovering our own identity in God. It demands close attention to reality at every moment.
William R. Inge writes: “every man has two journeys to make through life. There is the outer journey, with its various incidents and the milestones…There is also the inner journey, a spiritual odyssey, with a secret history of its own.”

As a spiritual director, one of the most frequently asked question I receive is: ‘what happens in spiritual direction?” Father Bede Griffiths, a great spiritual master said it well and his words capture the very essence the journey of “awakening” that is spiritual direction:

To discover God
is not to discover an idea
but to discover oneself.

It is to awaken
that part of one’s existence
which has been hidden from sight
and which one has refused to recognize.

The discovery may be very painful;
it is like going through
a kind of death.

But it is the one thing
which makes life worth living.

Spiritual Direction awakens in us new ways of seeing things and understanding what is essential is often not obvious. The role of the Spiritual Director is like the Fox in the Little Prince….a loving caring guide.

Speaking to the Little Prince about love and life,
The Fox says: And now here is my secret – a very simple secret.
It is only with the heart that one can see rightly;
What is essential is invisible to the eye.
  Antoine de Saint-Exupery – The Little Prince.

Ask yourself: “is my life worth living?

My offering –
I pray God grant you all your wishes, desires, and dreams. It is all in the choosing, it is all in the asking.
(from Julian…a play based on the life of Julian of Norwich) J. Jandra

Choose, ask, discover…


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