Discerning Journeys Consulting offers the following services: 


  • Spiritual Direction
  • Preaching – Sunday’s and special occasions
  • Leading parish, vestry, diocesan group retreats
  • Development and facilitation of  parish Discerning Journey groups
  • Visiting  school chaplain
  • Motivational & Keynote Speaking – special occasions, fundraising, civic organizations
  • Individual & group counseling focusing on drug & alcohol abuse transitions and depression
  • Rectors Forums
  • Conflict resolution
  • Specialized workshops and study groups
  • Creating strategies and new ideas

    for additional information or to schedule a consultation  contact: 


Ed Sniecienski
323 474 6684
818 317 9800



One Response to Consulting

  1. I believe that we are shaped by layers of indoctrination from our environment. We are told who we should be, what we should do, what we should look like, where we can live, and the list is endless. We are separated from who we really are often resulting is feelings of inadequacy, confusion, and shame. Shame is a difficult nut to crack. It holds us back from discovering who we really are, to whom we belong, and who God intended us to be.

    We are responsible to identify our needs/expectations and determining a balanced approach to getting them met. Remember, the ultimate source is our Higher Power. Melody Beattie reminds us that the issue of expectations goes back to knowing that “we” are responsible for identifying our needs/expectations believing they deserve to be met and discovering an appropriate and satisfactory way to do just that in our lives.

    In the end, it’s about discovering, owning, and holding on to our truth and learning to live out loud like saints, prophets and who God intended each of us to be.

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