Intuition – God’s Voice 7/22/17

I’m a big fan of “Grantchester” on PBS. In a recent episode the main character, Sidney Chambers, is going through a crisis of faith. The Archdeacon tells him to pray. Sidney replies: “I did, but He didn’t answer.” How many times have we all said exactly that: He didn’t answer. But did he?

Thelma Wells, President of A Woman of God Ministries, puts it this way: What will you do when you think you’re being prompted by the Holy Spirit to take a certain action?  I’d suggest you ask for clarity.  Wait for the answer.  I can’t tell you how you will know when the answer comes, but I can tell you that you will experience peace in your mind, body, and soul that you can’t describe.  Listen to your heart.

I’m beginning to think that one way the Holy Spirit is manifested is through our intuition, yet we often find it too hard to trust. Over the years ever-increasing layers of responsibility, questioning, praying seemingly without answers, and our overall jadedness make it difficult if not impossible to trust our intuitive self. We need to peel back those layers so we can feel, sense and know. If you think the task is impossible, ask a child for simple and easy instructions.

Br. David Steindl-Rast OSB reminds us that the answer was always quietly there, only our questions drowned it out.

Perhaps the best advice is to stop asking questions and listen. God knows our questions, we need to be still, listen attentively, seek clarity and hear what God has to say. It might just be the answer we’re looking for.

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