Looking for Mr. God 12/28/11

I’m a big fan of Fr. Richard Rohr and felt compelled to share this meditation. Sometimes, the most creative thing to do is hear another voice and make sure it gets heard. As I begin to contimplate the meaning of New Year, I start thinking about new ways of seeing.

Meditation from Richard Rohr, December 28, 2012

We are too tiny, too passing, too recent to imagine any eternal greatness within us, but the Biblical pattern of incarnation always has God disguised and hiding inside of littleness, particularity, ordinariness, and seeming insignificance. God seems to want us to do the desiring and all the discovering. No one finds God who is not looking for God and willing to go to the edges to find God. Unless we leave our comfort zone, we really do not meet God at all, but merely pull God inside of our own small sphere, and it is no longer God that we meet at all. Just religion.

Those who can recognize the Divine within their own puny and ordinary souls will be the same who can freely and daringly affirm the Divine Presence in the body of Jesus and also in the body of the whole universe. Get it here, get it everywhere! Get it once, and  it is true all the time! It is all one and the same pattern, and we call it the Christ Mystery. Once you are inside of this Mystery, you are indeed inside! (Maybe that is what it means to be “saved.”)

Adapted from Near Occasions of Grace, p. 6

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