Mommy Magic 5/6/17

What do you call it when your imaginary friends refuse to talk to you?
Writers Block?

That makes a lot of sense to me since I’ve been thinking about what to write all week long. After Easter I was foolish enough to think that I would get a little down time, relax and catch up on my reading and writing. It’s obvious to me now that my imaginary friends are the only ones that managed to find some downtime.  I guess the lesson learned is that “life gets in the way.”

Recently a very dear friend passed away suddenly and quite unexpectedly. She was a colleague, mentor and spiritual guide. A learned woman of great wisdom Deborah embodied what I like to call “Mommy Magic.”

Rather than explain what I mean by mommy magic, I’ll leave that up to you and your imaginary friends. A good place to start would be on May 14th.  For the record gentleman, mommy magic doesn’t belong to mothers alone. It’s God’s special gift to women.

I strongly urge you to take a few minutes to think about all the strong women in your life who have touched you with their mommy magic. And ladies think about your own mommy magic and how you use it to make a difference in the world.

J.D. Salinger said “mothers are slightly insane.” I suspect that to be a mother and a magician one would have to be slightly insane. Thank goodness for insanity, for magic, for mom and all possible combinations of the three. Speaking for myself, I’d be lost without mine and wish she were still around so I could tell her. But she knows just how powerful her “Mommy Magic” is and so do I.

Gods work has many faces and one of them is Mom’s.

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