More than a feeling…3/25/16

In a recent post “Too Tired To Care” (March 20th), we examined the notions of living in interesting times and the new normal. We considered conformity: how it informs our thinking, can limit our expression and affect our behavior toward ourselves and our neighbors.

We looked to a weary and tired Rosa Parks, Samaritan woman and Jesus. I imagine that Jesus was often tried and weary, but something deep inside him kept him going and through example showed us that we can never be too tired to care and even when we are still there are always opportunities to produce results that create lasting change – big and small.

It ended with the question “if God doesn’t see results, what then?” As we journey through what’s left of Lent, I encourage us all to look closely at the results we are producing for God, our neighbors, the stranger, and ourselves. Are we doing it out of fear or out of love? Is loving God more than a feeling? If it’s more than a feeling, then you are more than likely producing results. If it’s just a feeling, then you may find it difficult to find your seat on the bus or place at the well.

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