On Being Nice ~ 6/1/19

Sometimes the world can seem like an unfriendly, cold, and even hostile place. There are times in our lives when inevitably we are overwhelmed with pain, grief, sorrow, and too many things that we don’t understand. Sometimes, it can be as simple as wishing we could just pray it away. And believe me, I know from personal experience that we try…at least I do and not too successfully I might add. But least we get to caught up in personal drama or seemingly unanswered prayers, we would do ourselves a favor by simply being gentle with ourselves and those around us remembering that God’s Kingdom is indeed a nice place.

America poet, Langston Hughes, offers us this reminder in his poem: “Friendly Way”

I nodded at the sun
And the sun said, Howdy do”
I nodded at the tree
And the tree said, Howdy too!

I shook hands with the bush.
The bush shook hands with me.
I said to the flower,
Flower, how do you be?

I spoke to the man.
The strange man touched his hat.
I smiled at the woman-
The world is smiling yet.

Oh, it’s a holiday
When everybody feels that way!
What way?- Friendly
In a friendly way.

Sure, the world can be troublesome to navigate at times – as it certainly was for Mr. Hughes. Yet, the poet knew that life has benefits too. If we are friendly to the world, the world is friendly to us. And if we’re friendly to ourselves and to each other…well think of the possibilities. Perhaps it’s as easy as our willingness to be available, vulnerable and nice.

How hard can it be?

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