Still talking – 5/12/12

Well, Mother God, lets get started. By the way, why do you look different every time I see you? .How are we supposed to recognize you?

“With all due respect, it’s God, just GOD. And how are you supposed to recognize me…that’s just the point. Didn’t anyone teach you that I’m everywhere and that all of creation is created in my image and likeness.? Besides, you don’t seem to have a problem recognizing me when you know it’s me. Think about it.

I’ve always been curious about the “throne of God.” I bet it’s really impressive.

“I have a picture on my i phone….hold on a sec. It suites me don’t you think and it’s comfortable   and portable.

God, what word or phrase do you most over use?

“Truly I tell you…I’m not really sure.”

What’s you’re favorite color?


God, can we count on you to come back tomorrow and spend some time with us”

“I’ll check my calendar and have my people get back to you.” 




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