The Interview – Part II 5/11/12

Thank you , Almighty God, for answering our questions.

“Again, just call me God.”

What’s the most fun thing you’ve ever done?

“Walking on water and making it look easy. Although I have to say, raising holy hell in the Temple was pretty cool. Oh, and not to forget the whole ark thing with Noah. Bet you didn’t know I hitched a ride as a giraffe.” 

Who is the greatest love of your life?

“My Mother…what would you expect a good Jewish boy like me to say. Even more importantly, is my love of all of creation.” I did a pretty good job – don’t you think.”

Indeed you did, God. What would you say is your most marked characteristic?

“There’s two actually…my attention to detail and my ability to look the other way when necessary.”

Who’s your favorite writer?

“Voltaire. He figured me out early on when he said that I’m comedian playing to an audience afraid to laugh.  Dr. Seuss is right there with him.”

And lastly for today, God which talent would you most like to have?

“To sing like Eartha Kitt.”

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