What about you…2011 or 2012 1/2/12

a new year with a new perspective…

I have absolutely no recollection of New Year’s Eve or day, 2011. None whatsoever, yet it’s been a year that I’ll never forget.  CNN has been running a poll asking how do you feel about 2011 – 85% responded “good riddance” as opposed to “I’ll miss it.”

What about you?

Without a thought I cast my vote for good riddance suddenly realizing that it was too late to undo. How could I dismiss 2011 so easily forgetting lessons learned, changes made, looking up mountains and down from the tops of those same mountains.  Why was I so easily willing to dismiss what I’ve learned and who I’ve become particularly when I’ve started to really like me?

Through job loss,  clinical depression, the realization of aging, discerning a new career, loss of relationships, new insights, becoming my own boss, major health trauma, finding out just how much I’m loved, and sometimes BIG despair – my heart is filled with gratitude.

What about you?

I know that I need to be grateful for the many obvious blessings in my life. However, I’ve also learned to discover the blessings that are hidden in pain and suffering. I’ve learned that sometimes I need to just sit in my pain, experience it, wait, and be still.

What about you?

The world gives itself up to incessant activity merely because it knows nothing better.
The inspired man works among its whirring wheels also, but knows whither the wheels are going.
For he has found the centre where all is stillness…..
Paul Brunton

I suspect that 2012 will be much like years past. The world will continue to change and I won’t always understand why. I’ll worry about my job, money, peace, health, Mom, friends and lovers, and the broken and the poor. Lucy will continue to be my constant companion and I’ll worry if I’ve walked her enough. I’ll be up and I’ll be down, I’ll laugh and I’ll cry. I’ll welcome new friends and wish others well on their journey as we part. I’ll watch closely as God continues to remind me to whom I belong and who He expects me to be. Every day I’ll give thanks that I continue to journey from brokenness to wholeness. And, I’ll be most grateful that as I navigate through 2012,  I know to journey toward the centre where all is stillness. To that place where everything changes and everything stays the same.  

What about you?


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